Baiyoke Sky Hotel: Tallest Hotel in Thailand

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The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is an architectural marvel and a symbol of Thailand’s vibrant hospitality industry. Located in the bustling city of Bangkok, this towering tower dominates the skyline, boasting the title of the tallest hotel in Thailand.

Rising majestically to a height of 343 meters (1,122 feet) with 88 floors, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers guests breathtaking panoramic views of the vibrant metropolis below.

Its distinctive design and impressive stature have made it a landmark attraction, drawing visitors worldwide. Beyond its exceptional Height Comparison, the hotel is renowned for its luxurious accommodations, world-class amenities, and unparalleled service, catering to leisure and business travelers’ needs.

From its opulent interiors to its renowned rooftop revolving observation deck, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel offers an unforgettable experience that embodies the spirit of hospitality in the heart of Bangkok.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel: Tallest Hotel in Thailand

tallest hotel in thailand

Category Information
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Coordinates 13°45′15″N 100°32′21″E
Built Year 1996-1997
Built For Hotel and observation tower
Dimensions Height: 309 m (1,014 ft), 85 floors
Architect Wichit Burapharaksa
Architectural Style Modern
No. of Visitors Every Year
Governing Body Private Property (Baiyoke Group of Hotels)
UNESCO World Heritage Site No
No. of Floors 85
Top Floor 83rd floor (observation deck)
Inaugurated By

Historical Information

What is the Origin and History of the Object/monument?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel was built as part of Bangkok’s Baiyoke Group of Hotels’ expansion. At the time of its construction, it was designed to be the tallest building in Thailand.

Who Built It, and When Was It Constructed?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel was designed by Thai architect Wichit Burapharaksa and constructed by the Baiyoke Group of Hotels. The building was completed in 1997.

What Was Its Purpose or Significance?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel was built to serve as a luxury hotel and observation tower, offering guests panoramic views of Bangkok from its higher floors. It was also designed to be a landmark structure in the city.

Physical Attributes

Where is It Located?

The hotel is in the Ratchathewi District of Bangkok, Thailand, at 222 Ratchaprarop Road.

What Are Its Dimensions, Including Height, Area, and Design Features?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel stands at a height of 309 meters (1,014 feet) and has 85 floors. Its exact area is not readily available. The building features a modern architectural design.

Is It a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

No, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Architectural Details

What Materials Were Used in Its Construction?

The materials used to construct the Baiyoke Sky Hotel are relatively inexpensive. However, the building likely used reinforced concrete and steel, common materials for high-rise structures.

How Many Floors Does It Have, and What Are Its Architectural Styles?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel has 85 floors and features a modern architectural style.

Is It Known for Any Specific Design Elements or Aesthetics?

The hotel is known for its height and the observation deck on the 83rd floor, which offers panoramic views of Bangkok.

Cultural and Tourist Aspects

What is Its Cultural Significance or Mythology?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is not known to have any specific cultural significance or mythology. It is primarily recognized as a modern landmark and tourist attraction in Bangkok.

How Popular is It Among Tourists?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is a popular tourist attraction in Bangkok, particularly for its observation deck, which offers stunning city views. However, the exact number of visitors per year is relatively low.

What Events or Ceremonies Are Associated With It?

No specific events or ceremonies are widely associated with the Baiyoke Sky Hotel.

Economic Aspects

How Much Does It Earn From the Tourism?

The exact earnings of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel from tourism are not publicly available.

What is Their Income Source?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s primary income sources are room bookings, dining, and revenue from its observation deck and other hotel amenities.

Conditions and Maintenance

What is Its Current Condition and Resistance to Natural Disasters?

The current condition of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel appears to be well-maintained. As a modern high-rise building, it is likely designed to withstand common natural disasters in the region, such as earthquakes and storms. However, specific information about its resistance to natural disasters has not been readily available.

How is Its Maintenance Handled, and What Are the Challenges?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s management and engineering teams will likely handle its maintenance. Common challenges for maintaining high-rise buildings include ensuring the proper functioning of elevators, HVAC systems, and other critical infrastructure. However, details about the hotel’s maintenance practices and challenges are private.

Recognition and Awards

Has It Received Any Awards or Recognition Nationally or Internationally?

More information about the Baiyoke Sky Hotel needs to be widely publicized, receiving specific awards or recognition nationally or internationally.

What Are the Notable Features That Have Earned It Acclaim?

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel is primarily recognized for its height—it was the tallest hotel in Thailand at the time of its completion—and for its observation deck, which offers panoramic views of Bangkok.


In conclusion, the Baiyoke Sky Hotel stands tall as a remarkable architectural feat and a tallest hotel in Thailand. Its towering presence on the Bangkok skyline is a testament to the country’s vibrant tourism industry and its commitment to providing guests with unforgettable experiences.

As the tallest hotel in Thailand, it offers unparalleled panoramic views of the city, complemented by luxurious accommodations and world-class amenities.

Whether marveling at the cityscape from its rooftop observation deck or indulging in its opulent interiors, guests are treated to a truly immersive and unforgettable stay.

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s legacy as an icon of Thai hospitality is firmly established, leaving an indelible mark on those who have had the privilege to experience its grandeur.

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